Come find the Sun

Who is this walking in the clouds ??

on November 23, 2011

Who's walking in the clouds??

alarm clock, bought from IKEA
Image via Wikipedia

Is this a picture of the sun? Nope, a picture taken from an airplane window looking down at the clouds. If you look closely you’ll see a figure at the center. The person that took this photo saw a man walking in the center of this Aura of light. He had on a long robe and shoulder length brown hair. His arms were outstretched as he walked and looked down and surveyed the Earth. What Divine being was walking in the clouds? Some scientist will no doubt have an explanation for this occurance but, what was seen by this person was a miracle. Miracles happen all the time. Not always as momentus as this picture but, small ones that change or make our lives better or save us from some disaster. We don’t even notice them they’re so suttle but,  if your paying attention you’ll start to notice how much the Divine shapes our lives. So, if a Divine being is above us walking around and observing us, Are You Ready ??  Is your house in order?(No, I’m not talking about your housekeeping skills!) You know, your temple, your house, the place where your Soul resides? Well is it?   This is your wake up call!  The Alarm Clock is going off ! Loudly!   No, don’t turn it off and roll over. It’s time to get up and get moving. Time to get things cleaned and cleared up. Hopefully, you’ve already started, but if you haven’t  It’s Time.     Your life not been going as you planned? Are you stressed out, angry, sad ? (Yup, I’m asking alot of questions) Why? I want you to think. You can’t work on your house and what’s going on in your life if  you don’t think. Our lives are bombarded with distractions. TV, phones, I phones, I pads, computers. Sometimes you need to turn everything off! ( After you finish reading this blog, of course) and just be. Sitting in silence for a while and thinking or meditating does wonderful things for your whole body and soul and it’s a great way to start your cleaning project. While your thinking, be honest with yourself. Don’t make excuses for yourself or past bad behavior. That’s just smearing the dirt around.There maybe some diffacult things you may need to sweep out of the corners for you to realize how your life has gotten you where you are. Is it going to be easy?   Some of it wasn’t easy, even to admit to myself,when I started cleaning my house up. Been worth it ? Oh Yeah!! There is real joy in my life. I think it was always there, just couldn’t see it through all the dirt. So drop me a line or two and let me know your thoughts. Blessings to all.


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