Come find the Sun

It’s a matter of Trust !

on November 28, 2011

The Divine should be trusted with every aspect of our lives. Like being in a car, either your driving or you’re not!  If the Divine is driving, there is nothing to worry about. What happens when your driving the car? You can get lost. It’s not a GPS you’ll be needing to find the right road, either!  It’s blind faith. It’s trusting that the Divine is going to set you on the right road, but ya gotta let them do the driving. Let go of the Control. Let it roll.

Trust that the Divine is doing what’s best for us. Is it going to match up with what we want in our lives? Oh, probably not. Do we really know what’s best for us? Oh, probably not. We don’t know the Master Plan of why we’re here, but, we’re still trying to control everything! How do you know where to go if you don’t know the PLAN? So, take those 5-10 year life plans and throw it out the passenger side window and enjoy the ride! It’ll be a great ride and an awesome destination.

Is this an easy thing to do? Nope. It takes time to understand the concept. But, if you’re trying to do something and  there’s one obstacle after another blocking your way, the Divine is trying to tell you your on the wrong road. Pay attention to the signs. Let it go. Don’t keep pushing and pushing on the wrong road. The Divine is trying to help you. Let them. Let it go. Then, be patient because something else will present itself and it’ll be on the right road. How will you know it’s the right road? Everything will fall into place and go smoothly. It’ll just flow. When this happens, the road has been paved just for you by the Divine. Enjoy the ride and thank them for it!!


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