Come find the Sun

Angels, Angels, everywhere !

on November 29, 2011

Did you know that Angels are around you all the time? There are personal Angels, guardian Angels, who know us probably more than we know ourselves. They help us with the everyday things that enter our lives( and have saved us from more than one bad decision). Ever been driving in your car and you get the feeling that you shouldn’t take that road? That would be your Guardian Angel keeping you out of harms way. Listen to those feelings. You may not understand why you need to change direction, but your Angeldoes. The why isn’t important, you don’t need to be in control of everything. Let them guide you, it’s their job. Make their job easier and recognize their loving guidance and follow it. It’ll be for your benefit.

There are more Angels besides the Guardians. Many more!! All created by the Divine to help us on our journey here. They want to help us. There’s just one thing that seems to be forgotten, You need to Ask !They’re waiting for you to just ask . If you need help, just ask. Don’t ask for money, though. They don’t understand the concept of money. There are other solutions to problems besides money. Ask and find out!  Don’t put stipulations on the kind of help you want. What we think will help most times won’t. No Control! Ask for help and let ti roll. The results may be something you never would have considered as a solution. Be patient, don’t push, and don’t keep dwelling on it. Let it roll.The results are sometimes surprising and what’s best for us. Remember that the Angels love us and want to help us. Don’t question what comes about. Accept that it was done in Love and say, Thank You.

Guardian Angel, German postcard 1900

Image via Wikipedia


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