Come find the Sun

Who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who ???? I really want to know !!

on November 30, 2011

Do you really want to know? You  are a Divine being in a Human Body!  Hidden deep inside your heart is where that Divine being dwells. Waiting.  Waiting for  you to realize it’s there. Always waiting. Prompting you through dreams and Aha! moments to go and search for it. To open it up like a flower so it can bloom. It’s there, hidden and waiting.

To open it up, you must first acknowledge it’s existance deep inside yourself. Then, you must truly seek it. Truly want to know it. Make it a mission in your life to find it and open it up. When it’s found everyone will be able to see it, for it is connected to the Source of Creation and that Source is connected directly to you. Through this connection your life will bloom as beautiful as the flower and shine as bright an the Sun.

The flower is hidden behind a cloud made up of many things: Anger, Fear, Emotions that have not been delt with. These unresolved issues stay with you and turn into dark clouds. The more unresolved issues, the darker the clouds! To move these clouds away you need a strong wind. You need to make them move. Here’s where the Divine comes in. (read last blog, Angels, Angels) The Angels are waiting for you to Ask for help. They can not help until you Ask. So, ask them to help clear away these unresolved issues. Slowly.(From personal experience, be careful what you ask and choose your words carefully, Always!! This is very important ) The Angels will then start bringing these issues up, through thoughts or the situation will arise again or in your dreams. When it comes up, Don’t bury it again and create another dark cloud. Deal with the issue( sometimes it’s painful) Think it through. Admit wrongdoing if it’s there.  And I’m out of room to write!!!  Will continue on next blog!!!!


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