Come find the Sun

Who are you? Who, Who, Who, Who ???? Continues…..

on December 1, 2011

The Angels have brought up an issue, one of those dark clouds that have been hovering around. Have you thought the situation through, shed some tears, stomped your feet, taken a long walk to think everything through??? Do you think the issue has been dealt with? Did you learn something? Were you honest with yourself? Makes no sense to lie to yourself, the Angels know the truth!! They know that we’re human too!  A work in progress!! Take your time, there aren’t any time constraints here. Some issues are not easy to deal with, that’s why they became clouds in the first place. Keep working through it and don’t stop talking to those Angels, all day long if you need to! Oh, how they love you and want to help you succeed.

OK, worked everything through, feeling that everything is resolved? Awesome!   Ask the Angels to remove it from you. Tell them your done, you don’t need it anymore. Then, Let it go! Visualize a strong wind blowing it away…..( OK, I wrote that and a strong wind started blowing outside my window, hmmm !!?)  cause you did the work and it’s done. Don’t have to deal with that dark cloud anymore!

When your ready, Ask to start working on the next cloud. Keep going. Each time you remove one of those clouds your going to feel better, lighter. A weight will be lifted from you, never knew dark clouds could be so heavy! But they are!!

After you release a cloud, sometimes the issue will come up again. If this happens, the Angels are telling you that an aspect of the issue was not resolved. Ask for their help. Ask for that aspect to be brought to your attention so it can be finished up and removed for good.

It’s the Angels Hope and prayer(mine too) for you to move all those clouds away, so your flower may bloom in the Sun.


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