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The NY Times, Gimme Gimme Page ??

on December 2, 2011

This was on a page of the NY Times yesterday. A page filled with weird gifts for the holidays? Don’t know, couldn’t get past the Title!  Gimme, Gimme. This is an example of where are society is ? WOW! What have we evolved into?

OK, STOP… We need to seriously work on this!  Some societies have become extinct because of this behavior. Each person only thinks about themselves and what they’ve got and it better be bigger and better than everyone elses and ” I’m not gonna share it with anybody else, either !”. Sounds like a 5 year olds temper tantrum. Seems a lot of people have carried their temper tantrums into adulthood. Time to grow up and be in a higher place than the material world. Because this ain’t working, people!

Let’s start with this Holiday Season. Do you need to go broke to have a great Holiday? Can’t you have a great Holiday without all that stuff? YES, you can. Do you really NEED all the stuff you get for the Holidays? Most of the time you, have to get someone a gift. Have to….  get something they won’t like or ever use. So, why do it? What meaning is behind it. Better to get any old thing? Or, something that comes from the heart ?  Try the heart this year! Could be something simple, wash their car, rake leaves, shovel the sidewalk. Give of your time. A gift of your time will be well-remembered and appreciated. The gift of food is always used, be it making something or a gift card to a grocery store. Please don’t forget the food banks. Times are tough for a lot of people, be as generous as you can. Think of others instead of Gimme, Gimme.

This Holiday Season instead of getting more stuff:

  Give more:  of yourself

        Give more:   to those who have not

        Give more:   of your time

        Give more:   than a passing thought to the Divine (this is what the holidays are about)

    They Give more:   than a passing thought about you

     They Give more:   Love than you would ever imagine, unconditionally (spread it around to others)


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