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I Miss My Dogs !!

on December 19, 2011

The two beasts that inhabited my house and my life. That drove me crazy, always under my feet. Couldn’t even think about going to the bathroom by myself. They’d come barging in the door to see where I was, wanting their butts scratched while I was sitting on the  john. The ones that slept in front of my closet door and didn’t want to move so I could dress in the morning. The ones that prevented me from watching an entire movie because they needed to go out. The ones that had me outside walking every morning no matter what the weather. (Had to draw the line at thunderstorms and blizzards). Don’t even want to discuss the amount of dog hair that was always everywhere and in everything !

Those dogs!

Ladybug and Bruizer. The Mutts, half dalmatian and half black Lab, border collie, and who knows what else, that were brought home at  seven weeks old and left 5 months apart from each other at age 14.

How I miss them!

They knew, by what I was wearing, if I was going out that day. Smart! The sad eyes when I did go out. The joy when I came home. Their whole butts wagging not just their tails. Their excitement when I put my sneakers on knowing it was time for a walk. Such joy they showed from such simple things.

They knew when I was sick and needed comfort and when I was sad and needed a cuddle on the couch. Nothing like a cuddle from a 70 lb. lap dog to make you feel better! Such compassion dogs have! And how they Love! Unconditionally. Didn’t matter if I yelled at them, they would lay in front of my closet door and wait for me to see the sadness in their eyes, to know that they were sorry and to remember how much I loved them. I just couldn’t stay mad at them.

Dogs don’t judge you, only Love you. That’s all they want, Love. There is so much we humans can learn from dogs, if we’d only realize that we are living with shining examples of God.(dog spelled backward) The way we should all be with each other, compassionate, loving, understanding, joyful.  As I grieve for the loss, I’ll keep the lessons close to my heart. I miss them, but know that those Divine Souls have returned to their Creator and are now well and happy and playing in heaven.


One response to “I Miss My Dogs !!

  1. Jennifer says:

    So sorry for your loss Cil. Dogs ARE the love bugs of our lives and are there for us no matter what we throw at them. Take time to mourn, it will take some time to process their losses. All the best.

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