Come find the Sun

Hanging from the edge of my plate !?!

on December 29, 2011

As women we seem to be programmed, after all these thousands of years of servitude, to take care of others and always leaving ourselves for last. We really need to change this!! We would be able to help others better if we took the time to honor ourselves. Sometimes we help those around us too much. To the point that they won’t do anything for themselves. We’ve made them slaves and we’ve made ourselves slaves to their needs.

The first thing we need to do is learn how to say “NO” . And mean it!! I’m still working on this lesson for myself. When my plate (more like platter) is full to overflowing, and someone asks something of me I am still  having a hard time saying that word “NO”. So, instead of helping the people already on the plate, never mind what I added on, all I do is disappoint them and myself and drive myself to the point of exhaustion. This has got to stop!!

We all need time for ourselves. To exercise, to meditate, to pray. We are important. We need to let others know how important we are. We need to be important to ourselves. We do count. We are worthy. We can still love others without handing them our Souls on that plate. Maybe we should ration our time. So much for you, so much for me, so much for the Divine. Don’t forget the Divine, they don’t forget you!

So, what is it you need? Get a plate with sections. Remember, one of those sections is for you. Keep it sacred. And learn to say“NO” to anything that will  not fit in your sections and don’t let anything invade your sacred space. Your Worth It !!


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