Come find the Sun

Oh Heart !

on January 2, 2012
Red Rose, image compressed

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Oh heart

So fragile, yet strong

Oh heart

Pierced with three swords

yet, full of Love for you Divine Mother

the swords will back out

to renew me, to set me free

from the bondage of the flesh

to free me so I may rest

to know the comfort of your loving arms

if I pass this test.

My heart bleeds as never before. The Divine is asking,

the call has come through. I must answer,

to myself be true, for my heart will be whole again in you.


Stop this suffering that is self-imposed and answer the call from Sophia, The Rose.

Dig yourself out of this hole that you’re in.

There is Divine Light pouring in to guide you forth on this quest, but first you must pass this final test.

To show that your worthy of this Divine Call. Oh, She’s waiting for us all!

The Suffering must end of that be sure, for she is here for us now and always has been.

The Rose.

Unfold your Heart and open it wide and let her come in to dwell inside.

Let your Heart Bloom for the Rose is here to help you

 Then this journey will end

in Joy and Bliss!

The Divine



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