Come find the Sun

Our Journey Beyond

on January 6, 2012

To seek what our senses can not understand. For they are useless in this quest. To know the unknown element of who we truly are will take Love. Love of ourselves and others, who may mock us. For this task is great and the ultimate test of our own Divinity. For Divine Beings we are. Guided by our true calling to the Light of Creation. Through all things are made. Journey on toward the Light and know the Love and Bliss that awaits.

To those who seek, to know, to grasp what is larger than themselves in human form. For our human form is just a shell that must be opened up to find the pearl inside. On the outside rough and unattractive, but inside the shining globe of iridescent Light that awaits to be revealed in the Sun so all may see the rainbow of colors that have been hidden behind the flesh. Open your hearts like the shell and expose who you really are. An extension of our Divine Parents. The Divine Father and Mother of all.

We cannot stay as we are but must evolve past what is seen, for a New World awaits. Time passes on and so must we into that which holds us back no longer but must evolve into beings of Light to ascend to that which is no longer sensed by the flesh of Creation. Leave the flesh behind for it hinders that which is Divine and matters not in the New World to come. Into newness of spirit and Love of self.

Self-indulgence, self-pity has no place here where we dwell. Bring it not: pure of heart, pure of Self, Spirit of Oneness of all that is. Take part in the New World to come. Rise up and awaken your Soul. Let go to that which binds you here. Fly free to that which awaits with no earthly bonds or boundaries.

The Divine


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