Come find the Sun

Oh Truth !

on January 9, 2012

Oh Truth where have you gone?

I hear it not from the hearts of those around me.

English: Ruth and Boaz (Ruth 2:2-20) Русский: ...

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It hides in the mists disguised

Oh mist of untruth won’t you move on by

To be carried away by a strong wind of the Divine.

Those tongues that speak it, won’t you realize

It harms like daggers into this flesh of mine.

Speak it not this untruth that you set here

For it unleashes death upon yours and mine.

For in the New KIngdom it will not appear

it will undoubtedly stay here.

So let not your tongue disguise the truth

So do remember the story of Ruth

For Ruth did she know the way of the tongue.

What she would speak and others have none.

Hold your truth dear as it always should be

The untruth you speak will end in death for us here.


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