Come find the Sun

Living Simply

on February 7, 2012

Living Simply. A new concept to some people. There are others that have changed how they live due to the economic times so maybe they will understand this better. Here in the U.S. everyone seems to live large. Big house, big car, big meals, everything on such a large-scale.

Living simply is just that. Changing the scale from large, where most Americans live or want to live, to a smaller scale. Smaller meals, living easier without such a large impact on our planet and budgets. The Divine has given me these words: ” Live Simply”. To truly understand how to do this my husband and I are setting off on a journey across the U.S. with only what will fit in our hybrid car. Will we miss all our stuff? Do we really need all this stuff? We’re going to find out.

A little background on this. 5 years ago we sold our house, before the down turn. Since then, we’ve paid off our credit cars. How did we do that? We put them in a drawer and left them there! We only used them for an emergency, like car repairs, not a sale at Macy’s! Paid off the car. The only bills really left are rent and utilities. We’ve given notice to the landlord that we’re leaving. Rented a storage unit big enough to hold everything we own. We’ve  been packing  our large life into boxes and stacking it up.

There have been a few trips to Goodwill Donation Center. There will be more. It’s amazing the attachment there is to things. Memories of a special event attached, I’ll still remember the event as I let go of the material reminder. I don’t need the material thing to remember the joy. There has also been a lot of ” Do you really need this?” going on. There has been a tremendous amount of stuff that we didn’t realize we had! Why did we get it? Where did it come from? At this point we’ve stopped trying to figure it out. The Goodwill pile keeps getting larger and larger and the stuff we live with is getting smaller and smaller.

Some may think we’re crazy doing this, some of our relatives do. That’s O.K. It may be a difficult concept for some to understand. We’ve chosen to only take what we can carry and leave the rest behind. Living Simply is the lesson of the Divine. We’re going to go and Live it. You can follow along on this blog and experience it with us. I’ll be posting as we go.


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