Come find the Sun

On the road

on February 17, 2012

We’re on our way. The house has been packed up and stored away. Been on the road since Feb. 10. We stopped in Sumter, SC to visit family for a few days. It was nice to see them and get used to the warmer weather. Although they were cold, the temperature change felt good for a couple of New Englanders.

This image shows the North Main Street of Sumt...

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From there we stopped in Hilton Head,SC. Wanted to see the Atlantic ocean before we headed west. Living Simply in Hilton Head. I’m not sure that’s possible in a town that exists for the tourist trade, and caters to the wealthy golfer. I’ve never seen so many golf courses in such a small area. We did  try to live as simply as possible. We stayed out of the restaurants after buying two bowls of soup and a pita bread to go for $13.00. Really!! We had a kitchen in our room, so we did some cooking and enjoyed our time walking on the beach. What a beautiful beach it is! White fine sand and it goes on for miles and miles. While walking on the beach the day before Valentine’s Day, a couple approached us to take a picture of them. The young man asked my husband to keep taking pictures as he dropped to one knee and proposed on that beautiful beach in the sunshine. She said yes, as the camera was clicking away capturing it all on film. I wish them Love and Happiness in there new life together. What a wonderful moment we shared and recorded for them.

On the way out-of-town, there is a smaller island that is a nature preserve, we stopped in to see some of the birds that live on the salt marshes. What a beautiful and peaceful place. with the spanish moss hanging from the trees and the palm trees. Saw a flock of Robins sitting in one of those trees. Now I know where they go in the winter to get out of the New England cold. So many beautiful birds, but they’re camera-shy and only seen at a distance. Don’t blame them, I probably wouldn’t want to be disturbed if I lived in such a lovely place either.

From Hilton Head to Savannah, GA. Our next destination.


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