Come find the Sun

Here’s Savannah, Ga

on March 2, 2012

Over the bridge into Savannah. We went on a trolley tour. It seemed the best way to get the jist of the town in only an afternoon. Definitely not enough time to get to know such a beautiful city. All the squares in the center of each neighborhood with their ancient trees hanging with spanish moss towering over monuments and fountains.The squares were originally set up as places of protection for the residents living around them in case of invasion. but are now places of peacefulness in the middle of a bustling city. Could have spent much more time investigating those squares. Met a gentleman who made a rose out of palm frond, and sang us a song as he did it, near the fountain. Some kind of Wonderful!!

The people were wonderful and epitomized southern hospitality. The food was terrific!!! And for those foodies out there, we did not eat at Paula Deane’s, Lady and Sons. We did go by there and looked at the Southern Fried Chicken and it did look good. But, we knew it would be a final chance before heading west to eat seafood. We wound up a few streets over eating She-crab soup and the best crab cakes I’ve ever eaten at Belford’s. Yum, Yum . We’re far enough South now ( out of the freeze zone) so we’re heading west on Route 84 through Georgia. Bye Savannah !


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