Come find the Sun

The Alabama Experience

on March 5, 2012

Stayed in Mobile, AL. The true home of Mardi Gras. Yea, it didn’t originate in New Orleans as most of us think. It started with a man who wanted to party hearty the three days before Lent so he invited a few friends and it definitely caught on. Talk about a snowball effect! There  was a huge party going on in Mobile. From what I was told ” In Mobile we like to have fun, not party like they do in New Orleans. ” Any flashing of the Hooters will end in a jail cell, not with a lot of flashy beads !! So, if you’re looking for Mardi Gras without all the craziness, Mobile is your place.

We headed out of Mobile, traffic was crazy, and headed South to Bellingrath Gardens. I love flowers and to see flowers in February is a real treat. The Bellingrath house and gardens are set o a huge park like estate near Mobile Bay. Looked lovely from the parking lot. That’s as far as we went. The price tag to walk in the garden ( does not include a tour of the house) is $12.00 each. Ouch, how many flowers are in bloom in February to command such a price? So here are a few pictures of the flowers that were free to look at in the parking area.What gets me is the write-up on the place states the original owners were philanthropists, hope the present owners are as well considering what  they charge for a garden walk. Hate to think that the original owners way of life has been altered. What a shame !

We were so close to the Gulf of Mexico and didn’t want to lose the chance to see it so we headed out to Biloxi, Mississippi. There is a house that Jefferson Davis, the confederate president, lived after the Civil War in Biloxi and it happens to be across the street from the Gulf. So of we go. A little background here. Jefferson Davis was imprisoned during the war at Fort Monroe, Virginia. The only fort I know of that has a moat. Yes, a moat. Built on the Chesapeake Bay the water flows in and out of the moat with the tide. On top of the walls of the fort  is a walkway that Jefferson Davis was allowed to walk on everyday for his exercise. To this day it’s still a military base but, on the grounds surrounding the moat. The inside of the moat is mostly a museum now. Those that guard it tell of seeing Jefferson Davis’s ghost still walking around the top of the walls.

My husband and I lived there for 2 years and experienced some of the ghostly happenings personally. The chance to visit Beauvoir, the house Jefferson lived in after the war was a given. So off we go .

Next blog, Biloxi, MS


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