Come find the Sun

Impressions of Biloxi, Mississippi

on March 6, 2012

Beauvoir House In my last blog I wrote of Jefferson Davis, these are photos of his house, after the war, in Biloxi. We wanted to visit this house as a continuation of what we had learned of Jefferson Davis in Ft. Monroe, VA., following his footsteps. What we experienced here was not just following those footsteps, it became much deeper than that. We were told that he had a route on the grounds that was the exact amount of steps as at Ft. Monroe. Those years of imprisonment followed him to this house and stuck with him for the rest of his days.

The house, Beauvoir, was torn up by Hurricane Katrina. The house was still standing and major reconstruction has been done and still continues. The impact of that hurricane is still evident everywhere. The front steps of houses and driveways that lead to nothing. Empty lots, torn trees. The devastation 6 years later is still very much evident. Not just the landscape, but the people we encountered. The underlying pain is still there.There are smiles on their faces for what has been rebuilt, but their eyes tell a different story. Of devastation. It’s more than just buildings. I couldn’t bring myself to take a picture of the steps that lead to nowhere. It has taken me quite some time to compose this piece. The pain of it is still too raw and hangs in the air. It can be sensed on the breeze from the Gulf.

For those that decided to stay and rebuild I pray that they can let go of that pain and start a new life. To learn from the loss and use that wisdom to start something new without the pain of  the past. Their second blow, The oil spill in the Gulf. The beach was beautiful and looks like all new sand. Miles of it, replaced after the oil spill. Didn’t see any globes of oil anywhere. Thank God !  All these disasters. Is the Divine trying to say something? What message is being conveyed here?? Pray on it.


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