Come find the Sun

Natchez our crossing point

on March 14, 2012

  We crossed the Mississippi River at Natchez. For us a momentous occasion, we’ve made it to the West ! An old Southern Town on the banks of the River. The former social mecca of the old plantation owners. Their huge houses are still here, mostly museums now that can be toured. The town was built on a grid, as we’ve found most southern towns,so it’s easy to get around. In New England, where we’re from, the cow paths were just paved over. There’s no rhyme nor reason to them. Here with the grid system it’s a welcome pleasure for visitors who don’t know their way around.

We spent the afternoon walking around the old section of town and enjoying the park on the bank of theRiver. It was a cold day, by southern standards, there wasn’t much going on or everyone was nursing their hang-overs from Mardi Gras!!


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