Come find the Sun

Texas and the 3 days to cross it !

on March 18, 2012

The big state of Texas. I now know why it’s called that, it took 3 days to drive across it. It doesn’t seem to matter what route you take either. It’s just big! Everyday the terrain changed. The eastern side is green with trees and grass. The crops are being planted in fields the size of Rhode Island. ( it looks that way, anyway) The ranches with cattle, Longhorn or not, are immense! As far as the eye can see( that’s saying a lot it’s flat) fields with cattle roaming around. Sometimes there’s a house in the distance, sometimes not. The sheer vastness has this New England girls mind totally blown away.

  Big, big sky. When the sun sets, darkness is coming fast. That big sky is great for stargazing. The center of the state has gotten sandy and the evidence of drought has become a reality. The spring won’t be bringing life back to a lot of the trees. The grass looks more gray than winter brown. The landscape ravaged by the intense heat and lack of water. The dust that is kicked up on unpaved roads can be seen for miles and sticks to everything, weary travelers are no exception.

The center of the state is marked with oil derricks and surprisingly wind turbines. Miles and miles of both. Was glad to see them spinning around on those open plains. Who would have thought, Texas does not live by oil alone. Gotta roll with the flow. That oil won’t last forever and it’s changing our planet. The removal of all the oil has changed the foundation we walk on, in more ways than one. These great chasms are moving and shifting after they’ve been emptied of oil and gas. There are consequences for everything we do. Globally and every day life. Think before you act.

The western side of Texas is desert. Reminds me of the western movies. Riding out on your horse, out here it’s probably the best way to travel through the terrain. So vast….. in needs to be seen with your own eyes to really comprehend it. I couldn’t imagine coming through here on a horse or a wagon train. There are miles and miles of scrub brush, cactus and sand. I have a new respect for those that traveled through here to start a new life. It’s more than my New England mind can even wrap around. VAST…….


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