Come find the Sun

Arizona Part 1

on April 21, 2012

We were excited about Arizona. We’d been talking about even moving there at one time. It held some fascination for us, hot, but dry heat, mesa’s and canyons. Sounds great ! Right? Now, what we experienced there.

Phoenix is a huge city. Much larger than when I attended a conference there in the late 90’s. Large cities are not our thing, so we drove through, carefully!! Lots of traffic everywhere we went. The bridges on the sides of the highways are works of art. Brilliant colors and themes for the area you’re entering into. Much prettier than the dull concrete we’re used to. Who ever works this magic on the highways, major Kudos!

We drove north to Flagstaff. The temperature difference is about 20 degrees, so we felt more comfortable in the cooler climate. The altitude was something we needed to adjust to, about 7,000 feet above sea level. I haven’t been at that altitude unless I was in an airplane!! Our ears had a lot of adjusting to do the whole time we were there, we used Flagstaff as a base point, so everywhere we went the altitude changed. It made a great base point though, 2 hours to just about everything we wanted to see. We stayed in a cabin on Mormon Lake, about 1/2 hour from Flagstaff. Quiet and restful after our long drive across the country. It felt good to unpack the car and stay awhile in one place.


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