Come find the Sun

Arizona Part 2

on May 31, 2012

We visited the painted desert and petrified forest in western Arizona. Miles of mesa’s with layers of colors that change with the light. It was different every time we went. What a sight to see. The peacefulness of the area drew me in and held me. it was like being suspended in time.

The remnants of the trees of a great rainforest from some lost time of this planets history remain a reminder that things change. Yea, Arizona was a rainforest! Now a desert. Even the lakes around Flagstaff that were once full have been reduced to large puddles in recent years. The painted desert is very fragile. You can almost feel the shifting of the sand beneath your feet. Is this planet changing again?

It’s all we can count on in life – change. So many people fight it, want everything to stay the same. Things need to change- move- evolve. Fighting it only adds stress to your life. Let life flow. Let go. Enjoy it. It may not be a desert tomorrow. It may turn back to a rainforest or the bottom of a great lake. Enjoy what you have now. When it changes, remember it with love and let it go so you may embrace the new with joy. Not what was, but what is.


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