Come find the Sun


on June 27, 2012

Enormous snowball made in South Park in a snow...

Yea it’s summer and I’m talking about snowballs. Not the cold, wet ones though. The ones that start out as something small. Something that was said to another that probably shouldn’t have been said at all, but was, then repeated to someone else with a different spin on it. It keeps rolling along, people’s reactions keep spinning and keep this ball rolling and rolling along till there’s an avalanche of emotions and hurt feelings that tumble and roll and crash.

Why is it we do this to one another? Usually to the ones that are closest to us. If we can’t be kind, honest and respectful to those closest to us, how do we treat others that aren’t? Do we treat them better? Are there power struggles going on? Old agendas from the past that are being hurled at us?

The snowball fight of life. Who’s going to get one in the face? A cold, wet wake-up call. Actions cause reactions in others that you’d never expect. Keep flinging those snowballs at each other till your frozen, chilled to the bone from the actions of others hurled back at you with icy speed and accuracy aimed at the heart. Brrr…..

The warmth of the heart can melt it away, if you let it. The merging point of our earthly bodies and the Divine Source. The Heart. Where forgiveness lies for yourself and others. If your willing to accept it. If you understand the lesson that was hurled at you. Learn it and let it go, if you don’t, there’ll be another snowball headed your way.

That’s a lot of ” if’s”. Comes under the category of Free Will. It’s up to you. Where do your actions and reactions generate from? From the place of Love and Forgiveness? Or someplace lower than your Heart? You can melt those snowball with that Divine Fire in your heart. You can stop the avalanche from ever happening.

A collection of snowballs.

A collection of snowballs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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