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Quest for Truth What’s in a word ?

on February 25, 2013

     What is Truth?

Great question. Don’t know about you, but I’m trying to figure it out, so let’s start with the word itself. We’ll see where it leads.

The first definition in Websters Dictionary is : ” Conformity to fact or actuality” Hmmm. There are 3 other words that stand out in the definition: Fidelity,Sincerity and Integrity. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I looked up the word Truth, but these 3 words weren’t it! So, of course I had to look up the 3 words.

Fidelity- Faithfulness to obligation, duties or observances: Accuracy, Faithful.

Sincerity- Presenting no false appearance: Honest.

Integrity-Firm adherence to a code or standard of value. Soundness, completeness.

TRUTH- a five letter word packed with such meaning it boggles the mind. So much more than ” I’m telling you the truth” which seems to be used with such frequency without realizing all the power of the Word. Such power that it’s usage should not be taken lightly by any. Such power it should be used with reverence and thought before it passes the lips and uttered. A Divine word if there ever was just one!

It would bring such joy to the heart if all would use it as it was intended, for the Truth will set you free from many things in our mundane world of existence here. So many truths are hidden under a cloak of darkness, never seeing the Light of day. They must be brought forth from their hiding place and told to all those that will listen and hear it’s tale. For what’s under the cloak is covered by deceit. It must be set free by the 3 words that equal TRUTH.

So the quest begins. What will be brought out to the Light?  Join me and see.

The first one will appear tomorrow from under its cloak of darkness.      Have Faith in the Truth

English: Cloak of Conscience from the front

English: Cloak of Conscience from the front (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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