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Is your bra killing you?

on February 28, 2013

Actually, it might very well be doing just that.

I recently read a small article in the January edition of Natural Awakenings by Kathleen Barnes entitled”Ditch the Bra“. This article, though small,is a Truth hidden under the cloak. The cloak being, all those with other agendas who wish this cloak to stay on and tightly closed. Let’s take a peak and see what’s under there.

Sydney Ross Singer, a medical anthropologist,and Soma Grismayer, the director of the Institute for the study of Culturogenic Disease,wrote a book on the subject, entitled “Dressed to Kill“.Singer’s research was done in the 1990’s and he relates” Breast cancer is caused by bras.” That’s a pretty big statement! “Bras are designed to change the shape of a woman’s breasts to a culturally approved image. But bras also create a pressure band between the breast and the lymph nodes, causing inflamation and swelling and causing lymph to back up,restricting the body’s natural detoxification system.” He explains, “Cancer causing toxins are delivered to the breast tissue by the blood stream and are kept there by the bra. The bra holds them in place, pointed directly at the breasts.” Singers findings have been largely dismissed by the Medical Community. It’s unfortunate, to put it very mildly, that the Medical Community has not warned woman of the results of Singers findings. It may have saved a lot of women since the 1990’s from the agonies of breast cancer. If you can’t bring yourself to go without one, get a bra without wires. When you get home take it off.

Another study was done by the Harvard School of Public Health, it was published in the European Journal of Cancer Care in 1991, this study had similar results,woman who didn’t wear bras had a much lower rate of breast cancer. But, because these results were not the main focus of the study, there has been no follow-up on these results.

How many woman’s lives may have been saved by this TRUTH ????????

Before I wrote this I had to do it myself, you know, practice what you preach. I started slowly, only wearing a bra(without wires) when I went out. The social aspect of being in public without a bra needed to be overcome. I could also hear my mother in my head” you can’t go out like that!” Old programing that needed to be dealt with and released out into the ethers. It’s very freeing….  But also, when I thought what the consequences might be, all my bras hit the trash can. NOT WORTH IT !!!

I now wear a camisole or a sleeveless t-shirt under my clothes. Singer is right, the shape and even the texture of my breasts has changed since I’ve stopped wearing a bra. They’re fuller and rounder. Wearing a bra does not make your breasts look better, in my opinion, not wearing one does! There have been looks of shock from the woman who have noticed my bra-less state. The guys, shock at first, then they seem quite happy with the natural Jiggle going on! Sometimes I have to hold back my laughter from the shocked expressions, at least till I’m out of ear shot( don’t always make it!) Now, I kind of look forward to those reactions. It’s like Forest Gump‘s box of chocolates,”You never know what you’re gonna get.” I’m enjoying the open box!

There’s only one woman in the public eye, that I know of, that doesn’t wear a bra, Whoopi Goldberg. Maybe she read the research?! Whatever the reason she’s not wearing one, Bravo.

Please, all who read this TRUTH, pass it on to all the woman you know. It may save someone’s life. Be brave, don’t let societies rules dictate the health of your body. Don’t possibly loose your life over social convention. I did it, so can you. Guess we need to be like the women of the 1960’s and burn our bras. This time though we’re fighting for our lives.

The TRUTH will set you free. (Breasts too!!)

Fidelity, Sincerity, Integrity= Truth


6 responses to “Is your bra killing you?

  1. Bojenn says:

    Wowed! This is quite interesting. What shall Double Divas do now?

    I must share.


    Thank you for visiting my page..


  2. theravenwine says:

    This is quite interesting and pretty informative! Definitely have to find out more on this topic.

  3. Soleil Brave says:

    Wow, incredibly informative yet scary at the same time!
    I was always told the “importance” of wearing a bra to prevent sagging and what not; after reading that I shall definitely be doing my research. Thank you!!

    • I thought the same thing myself, scary. That this information is suppressed is even scary-er. Since I stopped wearing a bra my breasts have changed dramatically! They have become firmer and rounder.I’ve had two children, so I figured my breasts where never going to be the same again. Before they looked like deflated baloons when I took my bra off, not anymore! My husband is very pleased with the results!! They’ll look and feel better WITHOUT the bra.
      Thank you for visiting my blog and please spread the word around to other woman. This information is too important NOT to be told.

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