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Is your bra killing you? Update

on March 18, 2013
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Brassiere – 2001F173.2 (Photo credit: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery)

Since my blog appeared ” Is your Bra Killing you?” , I’ve contacted “Komen for the Cure” to ask them if they knew of the research done on the detriments of wearing a bra. I did get a reply stating that other research was done in 1991(they did not give me any sources of this research or where the studies were done) that proved that wearing a bra did not cause breast cancer. The medical community has dismissed it and that was that!

Although, when investigating Komen’s website I did find bras listed under”Needs More Research”. When I e-mailed them back and told them this and asked for the specific studies they quoted I received NO reply. Only they moved wearing bras to the list of “Not a Cause” after my inquiry.

I find this very fascinating !!

“Komen for the Cure”raises funds for research for woman who already have breast cancer and they do very little in educating women on preventing it. The list of “Needs more Research” is extensive and would take decades to do. Why are we waiting for this research??? We are a society of intelligent woman. The incidence of breast cancer here in the United States is astounding compared to the rest of the world.

Why is that? The answers are plastered all over the news. Toxic wheat, additives to our water, milk, preservatives that keep food edible for months, sometimes years, this list could go on for days……. Our bodies are of this Earth. These chemicals are NOT. The two cannot be mixed together without harm being done! If we consume all of these toxins from food, water, the very air we breathe and our bodies are tied up in a bra, there is no where for these toxins to be released from our bodies, its pointed right at our breasts and breast tissue is very delicate and susceptible to these toxins.

The medical community is NOT infallible! They have been wrong before. Many times in fact. When telling this to “Komen for the Cure”, to at least keep an open mind that if this information helped one women not have to endure the agonies of breast cancer, it was worth it! , I received no reply. A Shame. Also on the “Komen” website was a bra designed for women to wear to get their radiation treatments- in a bra! It has since been removed from the website. WHY? It made the breast cancer worse!! Radiation in a bra!!?? REALLY…. Designed by the medical community, they were wrong again! I pray for the woman who used it to get better. What about them.

Who do we Trust here??

We need to trust ourselves. Trust that the Divine in ourselves will show us what is best. We can’t trust that little voice that says”What will people think?” that is not our Divine self speaking, THAT is FEAR. Don’t let fear disguise what the divine needs you ro know. The divine will never lead you astray. It  is in your heart. and there lies the TRUTH.


6 responses to “Is your bra killing you? Update

  1. Studies were done by Harvard in 1972 and by Syd Singer in 1993 proving that there is a correlation between bras and breast cancer. Breast cancer has nothing to do with having breasts, if it did why would men get it too. It has everything to do with the lymph system, putting a tourniquet around your cells sewer system is BAD. Read Dressed to Kill by Syd Singer, I did, it confirmed my theory and reinforced my going bra-less.

    • Thanks for the study info. I have read Singers study. Komen is giving information out based on WHAT study?? They’re not telling !! YEAHHHHHH….. Someone else who gets it. Thank You

  2. If you want a dissertation on why Komen can’t be trusted read Pink Ribbons Inc by Samantha King too. Cheers.

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